Cut the lawn

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Yesterday was the frist time i cut the lawn and yes i was barefoot and the fresh cut lawn felt great on my bare feet. My bare feet got nice and green with some black in it from my walk everywhere barefoot in the morning. So after i got done i use my blower to blow off the side walks and my driveway. Then went in to shower and after that i had to pick up some of my medication at CV'S. I walk in CV'S barefoot and nobody said a word but i got a lot of looks witch is fine i love when people look at my bare feet. And as i was getting in my truck i heard it's a nice day to be barefoot . i look to see who said that it was the pharmacist he was walking in to work i said yes it is and he said you must be a full time barefooter he said you came in and you never wear shoes. I said nope i hate shoes he said will have great day barefooting i said thanks and have a great day. Then i went to wal mart and boy people where looking at me and i could hear them said that guy is barefoot. And i could also hear the other person say it's a good day to go barefoot and if she didn't have to work she would be barefoot at wal mart too. I had to bend down to get a 20 pack of coke and i heard a lady say to her friend hey that guy is barefoot and look at the bottoms of his bare feet they are black as can be he must be a full time barefooter. So when i got up the two lady's said that they like to.see a guy go barefoot and not be a shame of going barefoot. I said i love being barefoot i have been a full-time barefooter for over 25 years. They said wow and said but it's hard to date most lady's will not date a guy likeme that goea barefoot more then they do. And one of them said that she would like to date a guy that goes barefoot because she goes barefoot when she can . I said maybe we could go out on a date she said ok i gave her my number and she gave my hers. It would nice to even have a friend that would go barefoot with me to places. Will everybody keep barefooting
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