Cruce con la Verde, en el Medio Pierde

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If you lived in New York in the 60s you might remember that phrase. It's the Spanish translation for "Cross at the green, not in-between". When the WALK/DON'T WALK traffic lights started coming out, there was a whole host of commercials in different languages that translated that phrase. A child would step onto the curb and the adult would pull him or her back. The adult would then say something in Spanish, Italian, Yiddish, Japanese or Yiddish. The child would then look in the camera and say, "That's (Spanish, Italian, Yiddish, Japanese or Yiddish) for cross at the green, not in-between.
Every now and again I flash upon things from my childhood. I was in touch with a former co-worker of mine (an 81 year old woman from NYC) who asked me if I remembered where I used to bank in New York. I thought about it for a few seconds and was surprised to tell her that I remembered the bank and branch. Apparently the financial institution is still alive and well. It's called Emigrant Bank. They also had a stupid catchy ad, "Only you can make it happen. Emigrant wants to help." They also had Eli Wallach as their spokesman so who could say no to him?
I'm amazed lots of times when I think back on stars who endorsed products that people have since long forgotten: William Shatner for PROMISE Margarine, or Patricia Neal and her instant freeze dried MAXIM Coffee
Well that's my 2c worth of nostalgia for the day. I've got to feed the hens.
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