Costa del Sol+Portugal..

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Murcia-Cartagena-Almeria..was my aim for this day..
as said earlier not easy..I could get to Almeria anyway..
it's a harbour town..not very interesting...i got a short ride..
out of Almeria direction Malaga..slept on the beach of Aguadulce..
this regio is a real nice part of's the beginning of the famous
Costa del Sol..well known by tourists day..i had put
my hopes of reaching Malaga or even Sevilla..this town=Sevilla is on
the way to Huelva-Ayamonte-Faro(Portugal)I was thinking of doing a
1 week trip into Portugal..mainly Algarve but Lissabon as well..
big detour in fact..because I hitched back via Badajoz(Estramadura)
from Lissabon via Elvas..then back down to Sevilla-Jerez-Tarifa-
finally Alg?ciras..ferry to Ceuta(Sebta)=Spanish enclave on African
territory..a long haul...and lots of adventures..finally..could NOT get
into Morrocco..returned to Cadiz..and boat to Las Palmas..which is on
the Canarian islands..from there there was a weekly crossing to the
port of Nouadibou(Mauretania)Western Sahara...was difficult..
Morrocco claimed this territory..and Polisario was activ there..
will tell you all later on what happened..Tiger
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