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ferry from Brindisi to Corfoe..was crowded..took about 8 hours..
reaching Greece..was a's much different then Italy..
nice island..with loveley the early seventies..
tourism was not so developped like nowadays..I stayed 2 nights..
in the youth hostel...which was a few kms.away from Kerkyra..
Kerkyra was a nice town..with typical Greek shops..restaurants..
oh my..Greek food..souvlaki,feta cheese,moussaka..
they made very good salads and that brochette stuff..
grilled meat..and it was not that expensive either..
the language...aww..was difficult..and the street names..
in Kerkyra ended a lot in *ou or kou*
I loved the sounds of the Greek language..I spoke nothing of it..
few sentences. endaksio=O.K..efcharisto..
kalimera..kali spera..kali nichta..that's all I knew..
and ouzo..that white liquid beverage..can get you very high..
about the sightseeing in Kerkyra..don't remember much of it.
there was a the old part of town..little streets..
I believe they called them kantounia in Greek language??
in the youth usual..the international backpackers..
I met Dutch,German and U.K folks..
apart from Greek,Italians etc..very cheap lodging..
in the evening...we just drunk wine or ouzo..and got stoned..
day 2..i spent the whole day in Kerkyra..too many souvenir shops..
to my liking...I was going to Athens-Istanbul..India overland..
no need to stuff my rucksack with silly souvenirs..
will tell you all..about my trip towards Igoumenitsa(ferry)
then on towards Arta..Patras-Athens..well..believe it or not..
but..I have not even seen or visited the Akropolis in Athens...
what a hole in my culture...bwahaha..
crazy tiger
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