Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 163 good transport facilities..subway,bus..
we took a matter of fact we DID not try the bicycles..
Denmark invented a city bike...
you just take a around with it..and deposit somewhere..
I never tried it..sounds big fun..I believe one pays 20 dkr???
street traffic is rather O.K..subway service is great..
we did the famous shopping street called Stroget..
they claim it's the longest shopping street in the world..
it runs between Radhuspladsen to Kongens Nytorv..
ful of activity,caf?s,restaurants,fast food joints,streetbuskers etc..
it was a pleasure walking here..we bought some amber stone..
and had food in an Indian restaurant..buffet style..
Danes are funloving folks..on a summer day..the're out on the streets..
it took us all day almost just to stroll around..window shopping..
but oh well..Denmark was bloody expensive..the next day..we planned
a visit to Nyhavn..and the next one..a train trip to Odense..
to visit the house of Hans Christian Andersen..Odense is on Fyn island..
we stayed in the Youth hostel there..very nice place..funny anectdote..
will keep you peeps busy with my rantings...booohh..
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