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Having a real sense of 'I Existed' before this lifetime, and the sense of chrysalis, continuation reaching forward; a feeling of just being on the edge of re-connecting to that part of the Self dulled in the drama, maya time of the short-timer, to reach beyond .... hehe - and to know that as in shitting, hard pushing can lead to other ailments, and that it's better to relax and in balance, allow the flow. All helps us along the Way. A sense of Connectivity, and the possibility of Growing that All share in as we Open to it. A sense that ALL includes much more and Opening to it is a daring challenge that calls the Self .... a demanding of inner and outer realities balance and some understandings as to 'appropriate action' ahahahaha - but it CAN happen. And at any moment an individual can experience an 'enlightenment' beyond what was thought previously known. Often to only see footprints in the sand to show that others had come this Way. Connectivity echoes through ALL, enabling and empowering; helping the Growth of Awareness ... - OPENING

Have a good one.
Fly High.
Enjoy !
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