Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 157 just south of Como..a big city..a big highway net..
I did not like Milano as a place..I got a ride from Como..
straight to Milano..I was dropped at a highway connection
towards Monza-Bergamo..funny thing happened to me there..
it was summer...and lots of hitch hikers..waiting for a ride..
a whole line of them before me..hitch hikers's rule is..first come..
first I arrived last..I went a bit to far beyond
the highway moment...a policemen..on a Moto Guzzi
motorbike..stopped..called me..gave me a whole shit in Italian..
like *che fai lei??fa l'indiano* etc..etc..point was..I kept my cool..
but the bastard..gave me a ticket..a be payed directly..
no way to refuse..I payed a little amount..few dollars i believe??
Italian currency was Lira that time..I asked for a prove of my fine..
the fucker..just gave me a scribble on a piece of paper...
I bet..he put the money in his own pocket...damn..what a bastard..
strange was a sunny day...and some Italian couple..
who were hitching a ride there too..told me..I had been a fool..
to pay that penalty..O.K..that's learns by mistakes,is it??
so good rememberings for a ride to Bergamo...
this is a nice place..but did not stay there..someone had told me..
to visit the Garda hitched there via Brescia..
the Garda a marvell of nature..I loved that lake..peaceful..
i slept somewhere around Riva..overlooking the scenery of the lake..
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