Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 156 2 in Ernakulam-Cochin..twin cities.I loved Cochin more..
it got more Kerala character and style then bustling Ernakulam..
the ferry ride was breeze..area most interesting
was Mattancherry..with the famous Chinese fishing nets..
a few churches as well..the Jews had influence in Cochin once..
Cochin is a peninsula..the Chinese nets there..must have been
photographed by lots of tourists..long wooden poles..with fishnets
stuck to it..the fishermen sold fresh fish right in the harbour..
right in the heart of Mattancherry is a synagogue..the Jews..
were busy merchants once can still see their shops..
the Jews were masters in antiques..their community is very small's a pity..that such a culture...goes away??
even the Portugese..made their mark in Cochin..just visit a church..
I just walked around Cochin..admiring the old houses..
made me tired...and hungry...ohh..I had a *tandoori*chicken..
it's a chicken prepared in an looked very red..ahah..
took the ferry back...and decided not to visit Willingdon Island..
was gonna move out by train towards Quilon-Madurai..
I never forgave myself afterwards..that I did NOT do..
the backwatertrip Allepey-Kottayam..I'll get you peeps a link..
there's a wildlife reservation near Thekkady(Periyar)
but never had interest..a hole in my travell culture..stupid Tiger??
and what about Kovalam?Trivandrum??Kanya Kumari??
I all missed it..because..I heard about Madurai's Meenakshi temple..
I'll keep you all informed....and busy reading,is it??
crazy Tiger

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