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Today i and a friend of mine went to a Chinese buffet. And yes i went barefoot like i always do. I got a lot of crazy looks and people where talking i could here them . As we sat down the hostess looked at my bare feet and ask if i had shoes i said no i have gout and i can't where shoes or flip/ flops and she said oh ok i asked am i ok to eat here she said yes but i must be careful . I told here i will be careful and so i went to get my food and as i was doing that i notice that this young girl in here 20s was barefoot too as i was getting some shrimp she said it's a nice day to be barefoot i said yes it is . So she ask me did i take off my shoes or did i come to the Resturant barefoot ? I told her i came here barefoot and she said she also came here barefoot and no body said a ward. I told her that the hostess ask me if i had shoes and i told her no i did not. The girl ask if she could sit with me and talk about going barefoot and how we got started going barefoot. I said ok so she joined us and we talked about bare feet and how people think that it's not right to go barefoot in public. So we ate talked about bare feet and then we said good by and we went our different ways. So everybody keep barefooting
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