Chiang Mai(Northern Thailand)

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The train trip was a good experience..funny anectdote..
they mistook my wife for being was served..
they asked..soup Thai style...I said O.K..damn..firewater!!
in Thailand you get these small red/green pillie pillies..
Chiang Mai was reached..and in the packet we booked..
was a hotel..guided sightseeing...visit of town,hilltribe etc..
a Thai guide was waiting for us when our train reached..
it's a funny sight to see your name on a piece of cardboard
like they do in airports..our guide was a nice Thai girl..
she took us to the hotel...we had breakfast..and settled in..
in the lounge of the hotel..some Thai's were watching*muay Thai*
that's Thai kick boxing..very popular sport..Thai's love it..
Chiang Mai is not as hectic as's a provincial town..
one sees tribal folks here..the hills around Chiang Mai are full of Mon/Khmer tribals..
like the Meo's which we visited the next day..
first day was spent visiting some temples..they all looked a bit the same..
in the evening we were invited to watch the evening market..
now..this was an experience..I visited markets in India,West Africa etc..
but this one..I remember for the was so damn typycal Thai..
it was full of lampions,candles burning,incense,fruits,food,spices,
colourful local folks trying to sell artifacts like Buddha statues,local woven fabrics,clothes, casettes,watches..anything..
I believe we had a bowl of local soup in there..forgot the name..
my wife bought some silk blouse there for a reasonable *farang*price..
farang is the name Thai's use for a foreigner..but Thai's use this in a
more humoristic's never meant in a bad sense..
it had been a long day..went back to the hotel..
day 2 in Chiang Mai..was damn interesting..Doi Suthep..a jeep ride
to the Meo tribals..a visit to an umbrella and teakwood selling place..
will tell you crazy peeps in a later they say in Thai..
*mai pen rai* problem,O.K...I'll see for a link..

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