Cheap ? or Just Poor ?

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914 and 254 were two numbers that I struggled to memorize. They represent the square footage of the house and the square footage of the uninhabitable basement, respectively. Oh, there's a person living in the uninhabitable basement. It's Tom, the musician/artist/tattoo'ed guy with the multiple piercings on his face.
Of course, the next normal question would be, "That's all well and good, but how much acreage do you have?"
I LOVE the sound of that. "ACREAGE!" It sounds like something the Eddie Albert character Oliver Wendall Douglas would have said on the TV show GREEN ACRES.
Somewhere, on some record of reconveyance, buried deep below the dust of the files, the answer can be uncovered. Does it really matter? I don't spend time outside anyway!
I think about this from time to time because I realize the whole time I've lived here I have had to have tenants. Homeownership proved to be too expensive for me. I'm not gouging these folks for what they get... in fact I check the going rates and they are actually living much better and more affordably than if they were on their own.
What saddens me and makes me feel as if I just don't have a sense of belonging is the fact that I actually felt and feel better when I am in an apartment. I don't do much gardening. I don't have a dog. I don't entertain. And I don't have kids. About the only nice thing that I recognize with house life is that I have off-the-street parking. I also don't like being beholden to folks who don't have the rent on time. It puts me in a tenuous position of having to cover for others.
Well, that's my rant for the day.
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