'Cause he's the Tax Man

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I'm watching in utter non-surprise as the passage of the Trump tax plan (I know, other people wrote it of course) has most of the media in full blown spew mode. Even some of the most rabid anti-Trump reporting services (hard to call them news anymore) seem to be regurgitating the stats of who will see more cash in their wallet in the next cycle.

But how long will that cycle actually be. Don't forget that some of the Obama-era changes don't kick in until 2019 and we've heard little about Trump's plans to turn those around. So once again it's just a temporary fix designed to let a republican cruise through his term(s) unimpeded by the fiscal gripes of constituent serfs. All Trump has done so far is go after the more visible aspects of Obama's "legacy". As if it was personal.

While I do agree that the Individual Mandate was a terrible, hideous thing to do to the most vulnerable Americans, the younger ones who don't actually need much in the way of health insurance and will go many years without ever meeting much less surpassing their deductibles, making it go away, but not officially until 2019 is very suspicious.

I have a feeling that something will take its place. In fact, by 2021 I think we'll see not only another recession, likely brought about by yet another housing bubble, but we'll also finally see just how fucked anyone with a recent college degree really is. Employers won't hire them because they will have no choice but to demand higher salaries to pay off these millstones.

By saddling a generation with this much debt we have created a situation that used to befall primarily single mothers, the stigma of employers having to take care of them and their brood. Only this time the gender doesn't matter and the brood is a massive debt to the government (thanks to "government guarantees student loans" which really means "we guarantee payment since we can take it from them").

If the next recession doesn't kick off a multi-decade depression, the one after that will. Which means the democrats will catch the blame. As if on cue.
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