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so..from Mangalore..there's a train towards Ernakulam-Cochin..
twin cities in Kerala..very beautiful experience for me..
Kerala is wonderful..I will tell you later on..I got a bit of a taste..
how Kerala state looks on the train ride Mangalore-Calicut..
the people..I loved them..Kerala was the most educated state
they scored very educational services..
in these days already..Kerala had a tendency towards communism..
Kerala nurses...are famous all over India..I'll try to find a link..
about Arundhati Roy..a lady writer..who won some prize?pulitzer??
so..the nature in something to be experienced really..
Calicut..was also known as was known for spices..
and also that famous *kalarippayat*let's call it Kerala karate..ahah..
I'll come back to this martial art form in a later posting about Kerala..
I don't exactly I got from Calicut to Ooty??
complicated connection..some funny bus rides..
guess what..I stayed 2 nights in the youth hostel of Ootacamund..
never miss this spot in South India..if it's on your itinerary..
the train ride=Blue Mountain a must for train buffs..
there's a dude in this forum called Themnax..he loves trains...
so did I..but..I made that crazy ride between Ooty-Mettupalayam..
I'll let you a later unforgettable experience..
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