Cadiz-Las Palmas...

Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 122 a nice town...when I reached there..
I first inquired about boats to Gran Canaria(Las Palmas)
it turned out they sail once a week..ferry starts in the evening..
next day is a whole day at sea....and then following day arrival
in the Canarian Islands..I booked a place in a 4 persons cabin..
it also turned out..that I had to stay 2 night in Cadiz town..
to wait for this boat to take..I took a small but very clean hostal...
i recall it was at the third floor....and no elevator..I crossed Cadiz
before..but just went in is an important harbour
and I liked the old city very much..old city means narrow streets..
the local beach was called Caleta..
but it's not like these big beaches on the famous costas...
for the rest..the usual stuff like in other Spanish towns..
plaza's..churches..musea...tapa bars..but always local identity...
typical Spanish mentality..Cadiz was usually quiet around the siesta
hours..but in the became very lively...I took cheap food..
a tortilla..or some tapa' day came..I went aboard this huge
ferry towards las my cabin was a French Canadian dude..
he was a rucksack traveller as well..funny French Montr?al accent..
the crossing went smooth...and Gran Canaria...well..
it was 20 degrees there..a real good climate here..
me and the Canadian looked around for a free place to sleep..
we found a cave like place...very remote..and absolutely safe..
it was quite a reach this spot..and out of town..
we stayed there for 4 boat to Nouadibou(Mauretania)
was only going on settled days..I had to wait more then a week..
the Canadian was staying on in the Canarian Islands..will tell you all
about my adventures in Las Palmas..and my visit to Tenerife..
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