bustrip to a German Christmas market=Monschau...

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My wife came home later on...it was early december..
we booked a Christmas market 1 day visit by bus..
German Christmas markets are really worthwhile exploring..
every year thousands of tourists visit..the bus companys
can hold the price low..because they get a full bus every time..
Monschau is a place to visit..it's just over the Belgian border..
I had been to Monschau before..the youth hostel there..
was situated in a castle overlooking this town..
Monschau is very colourful..little streets..shops..a river..
but during the month of december..Christmas gets its grip here..
little stalls...filled with Christmas stuff..going from decoration..
for a Christmas tree..to bratwurst(saucage)and aromatic oils..
and *Gl?hwein*=red wine warmed up..with spices in it...
the spirit of the visitors is mostly based on shopping...
strolling around..Deutsche *Gem?tlichkeit*as they say..
the bus drove a piece of highway up to Eupen..
did you all know..Belgium got a German speaking part as well??
that's Eupen and surroundings..the road from Eupen-Monschau
is a bad stretch of road....it was full of potholes on Belgian side..
but becomes excellent once on German side..it still is today...
I often drove this stretch on motorbiketrips with my bike group..
Germany is a paradise for motorbikers..the roads are good,curvy...
so the bus parked on the parking lot for buses..we were not alone..
we did buy some cheap aromatic oils,candles..some gadgets as well..
oh no..what I didn't like about Christmas markets..are the crowds
on week-ends..it was sometimes difficult to walk even..
we did few Christmas markets after that one..
Aachen is a nice one..but it was horrible regarding crowds..
but if you peeps ever do Germany..include Monschau..
in winter,summer..or any season..it's busy..fully touristic..
I'll see for some good links with pictures...
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