budget accomodation in Delhi...

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I never liked luxury hotels..first..I did not have the bucks..
secondly..I don't have a face for these hotels...bwahah..no..
I would recommend you future Indian travellers peeps..to take
some middle class accomodation..I'll give adresses for Delhi in
next posting..first..budget sleeping for Delhi..
top of the bill is free accomodation=go to Old Delhi Gurdwara..
a Gurdwara is a Sikh temple or ashram..you can get free board
and lodging..adress=very close to Chandni Chowk=ask for Sis Ganj..
there are about 400 rooms..free..always open..just try it out..
secondly..Tibetan refugee camp..in the same area of Gurdwara..
ask for Majnu ka Tila=in Old Delhi as well..quite cheap..restaurant,
lockers for luggage,showers etc...available...Tibetan culture..
thirdly..try any budget adress in Paharganj=just get into any hotel
and ask for prices..check the room first...there is lots of choice..
fourth option=the railway retiring room of Old delhi railway Station..
you will need a valid train onward ticket..very noisy..I slept there
once...I was tired..so..i did not hear that noise...bwahah...
fifht option is the Youth hostel in New Delhi..stayed there once..
very cheap..very good area in the embassies regio of Chanakyapura..
adress=Nyaya Marg 5.. website of Youth hostels India..check it out..
www.yhaindia.org I took a double room..damn noisy because of the
ventilator of the water cooler..good breakfast..take transport..
open 24h/24h..a good adress...maybe you'll need a membership card??
take that in your own country..always cheap accomodation..
sixt option=retiring rooms of the airports..not easy to get,I believe??
use this option if you need to take an early departure return flight??
I'll get you peeps some middle class range adresses for Delhi later..
crazy Tiger..
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