Budapest's thermal baths....

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So...right..thermal baths..Hungary got lots of thermal springs..
spa centers are located all over the country..we did Budapest and H?viz..
Budapest got Gellert,thermal baths on Margit island,there are others as well..
like Kiraly,Lukasc etc...we did Gellert on day 2 of our Budapest stay..
Gellert was great..first you need a bath cap *chapka*
which is compulsory...probably for hygienic reasons..
these chapka's are provided while going in Gellert baths..
you can do some very lovely looked great..
I'll see if i can get a picture link??so the water is quite warm..and contains
some minerals which are supposed to be good for the joints anyway...
we had a good wife got a total massage...
by a lady who looked like a strong build Hungarian lady..
who gave her..a fierce body rub,I bet??
all together it was a good experience....relaxing...
after a thermal bath...which i certainly recommend to anyone...
one leaves the place day..
we went to Margit island..there's a thermal bath located into a posh hotel..
I forgot the was a damn good health spa spot as well..
the next day..we went to Szentendre by train..about 20kms.away..
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