Britain Finally Gets Up Off Her Knees

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They called us the 'R' word, they called us stupid.
With many sneers and much froth, they accused us of being haters.
They tried to bully us into choosing slavery.
They thought we'd sell our very soul
For a few pennies, cheap holidays and Bratwurst.
They thought we had grown so fat and complacent,
That we'd let the barbarians invade without raising a finger.

They thought we'd let supercilious would-be tyrants
Gently rape us.


With great dignity and steel, we rise up.
With great tenacity and zeal, we will soar.
They wanted us to decapitate ourselves,
To surrender the head of the politcal body,
Unable to make our own laws or decide our own destiny.
They wanted to turn us into a suicide bomber,
Voluntarily blowing ourselves up on a 'higher' call.

They wanted their kleptocracy to dictate how
We live our lives in matters great and small.


With great dignity, with steel, we rise up.
Digging in our heels, the others will follow our lead.
Germany, France, Sweden,
Spain, Greece, Poland,
Holland and Denmark,
and all the other great nations; break free -
And join us in a FREE, DEMOCRATIC union

Defending little girls and OUR MINDS from circumcision,
Upholding our common, civilized values and humanity!


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