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Almost my last day in Bombay..I went into the markets..
Crawford market is a feast for the eyes really..
hectic activities inside..and crowds..very colourful indeed..
the meat and fish sections..I would NOT recommend..
it smells horrible...a speciality of Bombay was *Bombay duck*
not a duck like the name suggests..but a dried fish..
which smells awful..but Bombay people regard it as a delicious
fish preparation..Flora fountain is another sightseeing spot for
central Bombay..nice monument north of Bombay Victoria..
I took a drive through Bombay's red light district..
I did not wanna walk through there...they told me to avoid that..
could have been dangerous even??so..that double decker bus..
took me through Falkland Road..the area is called Kamathipura..
in these HIV(aids)if you all can watch the movie callled
*salaam Bombay* you will get a real picture of this redlight area..
the director of this movie=Mira that movie..
the hookers...are behind grilled windows...looked like a jailhouse
to me..some of them stand outside..some girls are very young..
and come from Nepal or south India..really sad..
there is a concentration of *hijras* in Bombay as well..
now..let me explain..these are mostly men..or hermaprodites..
or eunuchs..who dress up in women's clothes..usually talking
very vulgar language to anyone they meet..
I did NOT like these folks at know what they do??
if a baby is born into a married couple..these hijras know it..
and they go to that house asking for money..Indians are scared
of them...and of superstition..because..if ones refuses to give
money..they will curse the baby...and tell it will become like them..
i will give you peeps 2 links about Indian hijras..
just let me tell's not to read by the faint hearted here..
sometimes castrations are performed the leading eunuch..
that's India as's extremeley strange and mysterious..
I will have to look up these's horrible..
so..the boat trip from Bombay to Goa would take 10 hours..
I will report about that trip in next posting..
next day..was my last day in Bombay..boat trip overnight..
crazy Tiger
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