Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 163 2 in Bombay..believe it or such a heat..
I was gonna visit the Prince of Wales museum..
it's cooling down..from extreme heat outside..
usually Indian museums got airconditioning inside..
again a nice building..Bombay is full of nice buildings..
well..inside..the usual in most Indian museums..
artifacts,miniature paintings,sculpture,ivory...nice stuff..
after that..believe it or not..I got lost in a slum(bustee)
i must have take some wrong side street
let me tell you all..going into a bustee(slum)
is a strange a foreigner..or a tourist..
usually it shocks see the misery of others..
the poor..the dalits..the lower side of society..
i met some streetboys in there..who made fun of me..
i must admit..I felt out of place..and awkward..
but on my former trip into Calcutta..I knew..
how to a slum..NEVER're more..
then these poor on the edge of society..
speaking Hindi did not help here..boohooh..not easy..
I had to explain with hands and feet..
in fact..I was glad I got out sewage..
garbage heaps..little black distress...
misery..I'm stunned these people survive on daily basis..
made a walk afterwards to Chowpatty beach..
nice walk along Marine Drive first..jetset Bombay..
a flat here..costed millions..good for the movie stars..
it connects Nariman point..towards Malabar Hill..
Chowpatty is famous for strolling Bombay-ites..
families,kids,Indian young couples..tourists..
always busy..funny..Indian ladies..taking a cool walk..
into the Arabian sea..with all their clothes on..
Chowpatty was full of streethawkers,touts etc..
the famous snack *bhelpuri* is famous..
I did not even taste's a mixture..
of rice..tomatoes..onions,chilli..surved with a chutney sauce..
I saw a glimpse of the towers of silence on Malabar hill..
the Parsi's drop their dead be eaten by vultures..
couldn't believe it..but the Parsi's don't bury their dead..
for,water and fire..are burial..
no cremations..funny customs and beliefs in India..
I took a double decker bus a point..near to my hotel..
woohah..Bombay..really tires you out,you know..
tomorrow..I was gonna visit the Flora Fountain area..
red light district..Crawford market..and booking my ticket
for the trip Bombay docks-Panaji(Goa)by ferry..
will tell you all later on what happened..
crazy Tiger
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