Body Language|How to know if they're "not interested" & Beauty Vs.Body Language Skills

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This week I interviewed Body Language Expert RB Kelly on my show and wanted to share it here on the forum.
In this episode, my guest, RB Kelly talks about…
  • How body language can push away the people you want and pull in those you don’t want.
  • How body language and attitude win over conventional beauty.
  • How the body language in your online photo may be attracting the wrong people.
"There’s a difference between the signals that men put out
when they are single and looking to connect with someone when they are married and NOT looking to connect and when they are married but open to cheating." RB Kelly

Here are some "teasers" I made for this episode. I hope this helps someone at just the right time!

Show excerpt (listen to the entire podcast here)

RB Kelly: There was a very very interesting study that actually focused on women being picked up in bars, not necessarily picked up but women being approached in bars. What this study did was, they took two different groups of women, one group was women who are all considered very attractive, all made up and all dolled up and they went into the bar, but they weren’t trained on how to flirt.

So their strategy was basically my strategy at a high school dance “look pretty, look your best” but stand in the corner and don’t make eye contact.

And then the other group was a group conventionally much “less attractive” than the other group, they had been taught the body language of confidence and availability.

So they were able to send flirtatious signals to the people around them. Then the researchers of these two groups were in the same bar and took note of who got approached.

In the end, the beautiful women who didn’t know how to flirt were approached almost an average of 0 to 1 times per hour.
Whereas the group of “not pretty women” who knew how to flirt, they were approached an average of 4 times per hour.

Stephen Jaimes: That just goes to show it’s not really how much it’s not really what you look like it’s what you’re putting out there for other people,

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