boat trip las Palmas-Mauritania..

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The boat would take more then 3 days to reach La Gu?ra..
we boarded in Las Palmas harbour..I recall one dude from the U.K..
and a couple from S.Francisco(Issa+Eric)these U.S.A.citizens..
did NOT make any visa for entry in Mauritania..I made mine in Paris..
I knew they were gonna be turned back..but..they were gonna try it..
the boat trip itself..went in smooth sea..I don't recall much of it..
so..we were anchoring inbetween in Vila Cisneros(Western Sahara)
this area was very much in turmoil..Polisario front wanted independence
while Morocco claimed the Western Sahara territory..
it was a former Spanish colony with El Aaioun as capital..
Morroco took over in 1976..but the rebels of Polisario gave a hard fight
back..they are still claiming their Sahrawi land..and now are in refugee
camps in Algeria..I've heard it's NOT possible to travell into Western
Sahara..the border close to Mauretania is full of landmines etc..
even in the early 70's there was a tension..
El Aaiuon got some very rich mineral underground...and mining.. for it..
was a foreign affair??like the iron ore mines in Zou?rate(Mauritania)
so..reaching Vila Cisneros..I recall a little harbour..sunny weather..
and one could see the fish swimming..very clear water...
Issa was a loveley and jokefull chick..she had very long hair..which she
put into a ponytail..her friend Eric was a nice dude as well..
The U.K fellow was a real adventurer..he was gonna do some Sahara
crossings into Mauritania goal..was reaching black Africa as
soon as possible..the journey through desert Maureatania was rough.. was quite an experience..I will tell more in the next entry..
as expected..Issa+Eric could not enter Mauritania..they took the boat back..
me and the U.K dude went into Nouadibou town..finally..Africa..
but Mauretania is an Arab speaking Muslim country..woman covered
from top to bottom in long robes and veils..that would change a lot after
crossing Rosso into Senegal..there black Africa begins..
we stayed I believe in a small hotel in Nouadhibou..
I recall these mint tea the hotel..
where tea is poured into small cups..very sweet tea..
food was based on rice mostly..with mutton or lamb..
we were gonna take a free train ride..
from Nouadhibou towards Zou? adventure??if you ask me??
an iron ore mining town..the train is more then 2,2kms.long..
I was gonna get down in to Akjoujt and Nouakchott.
by truck or taxi??I thought that hitchhiking in this desert was crazy..

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