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In Bergen there were some nice musea to be visited..
we only did 1 and that was Gamle Bergen..last day of our visit..
it started raining..we took a bus from Torget towards this museum..
it was an open air museum really worthwhile..more then 35 old houses..
Norway got so many open air musea with old buildings etc..
I think it was quite nice to see how folks were living 100 years ago..
we strolled quite a while through this place..took a bus back to Bergen..
went into Rimi eat some cheap snacks..
what we missed as museum in Bergen was Edvard Grieg's home..
famous music composer..his house is situated in Troldhaugen..
we did not visit this place..a can't do everything..
next day..train trip to Oslo..1 night in Youth hostel...
next day flight from Oslo to Brussels with Sabena airlines..
in 1996..and in 1999..I went to India for family visits..that's all..
END of my journal..THANK you all..
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