Being and Intent

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There have been times when simple acknowledgement of how I was Being - who and what I was showing my intent to Be by behavior that followed my intent - has been extremely important - gave me encouragement to continue in the direction of trying to become more, when by and large the environment i found myself in (y'know - the world of man and greed and denial and excuses) did not seem at all like minded.

Sooo - I See you not providing excuses - I See you not defending yourself against attacks, but quietly Doing and Being that which needs no defending. I See you not attacking those that have attacked you. I wish to let you know that your growing and efforts are being Seen and show respect for what I Know is not always an easy path.

For one's Intent is Not what they might say it is - it Is what one shows it is. Speaking is an action too - but unless it is backed up by deeds, then it's only purpose is to put forth nice sounding lies - or untruths - excuses and pablum to help us feel good about ourselves by believing our own lies. For Action follows Intent

When the results constantly do not lead to the desired end, one must look to see what can be changed - often one's environment and who they associate with do not encourage the manifestation; and while the energy is not wasted - the results desired are not manifest.

The primary goal of Being True to Self - is to not lie to yourself. Be Truthful - show it by action - Live your Truth.

Be the Being you Wish to be - Respect yourSelf enough to Be All that you can Be.
And yeah it is never ending - we can always find Ways to Grow Beyond - Become More. To this I give thanks - I Love the Work of Growing - and we must all become strong enough in our own Being that we can be in any evironment and be an example for others to See what It means to Be True to Self.

Blessed Be All along the Way they Choose to take
Blessed be the Lessons that are learned that transform mistakes
May each of you Be that Being that you Know you can Be

Love to All
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