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Bari..was nothing special..just a port..a ferry departure town..
I believe..I stayed in a small hotel..not sure about that..
in these days..Italy got the Lira currency..and sometimes..
they did not have enough small's called spiccioli in Italian..
you know what they did??instead of money they payed you back
with make phone calls etc..very funny indeed..
but..I never made any call within Italy..the Italian language..
well..I can tell you stories about that..I spoke rather enough of it..
to make a small conversation..the first words one learns..
are always the dirty come??
in these days..Italian all over..
were very much anti government..anti war..anti this..anti that..
Italians they like to bragg..about anything..but..I liked that..
you should go into a youth hostel in Italy..and see these folks..
saying their bit..they talk loud..with lots of gestures..
I got a headache of it sometimes..but they are like that..
it's their mentality..anyway..after was another hitch
towards Brindisi..from there lots of ferry Patras
or to Kerkyra(Corfoe)that was the one I wanted..
Brindisi..I liked more then Bari maybe more culture..
specially old Bari town(Cita Vecchia)but Brindisi..well..
I liked the animo was like a stopping point..
where travellers had bit of time to chat to each other..
waiting for the ferries..I booked my problem..
I was surprised...about the amount of folks..
going towards Greece..I met a Greek chick..from Piraeus..
she came from a Europe trip..and was waiting for her ferry.
we had a nice talk..some ouzo the heat..don't take
too much's 40 degrees alcohol..mix ice cubes..
that stuff colours white then(aniset)good stuff..
so..Brindisi..was hot...crowded..and typical south Italian..
I'll tell you peeps next time about Corfoe...
aww..that was a nice place..please..visit Corfoe..
I intended to stay at the youth hostel there for 2 nights at least..
after that...another ferry towards mainland Greece..
to Igumenitsa..then Ionnina...etc..up to Athens..
long haul..If you ask me..and bloody hot it was as well..
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