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so..the Ramblas..Barcelona's strolling avenue..
nice to watch the locals..enjoying their stroll..
we did the whole Ramblas up to Pla?a de Catalunya..
big square..and a hub for subway traffic..
we went into the big superstore el Corte Ingl?s..
super de luxe goods..for super de luxe pesetas..
my wife was crazy about browsing trough these stores..
bought some Spanish soap..ask for Maya soap..lovely scent..
if i remember 5 floors high in this supermarket..anyway..
after that we finished our the Barri Gothic..
that's the old city of Barcelona..with little alleys..the cathedral..
typical old buildings..the worth a glance inside..
Spain is very shorts,miniskirts alllowed..
it's gothic in style..massive structure was possible..
to go up to the roof..but we did not do that..
in the evening..we found a very cheap restaurant..
soup..vegetables..some meat..for a give away price..
and a glass of good old real Spanish sangria after food..booh..
we took a subway back to the youth hostel..
the Barcelona subway(el metro)was very well organised..
we took a 10 ticket multi we could travell bit subway.
the next day..Sagrada Familia,Parc Guell,Picasso museum etc...
the works from Gaudi are really at the utmost..
I'll tell you all in a later posting..Tiger
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