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Our final day Barcelona..turned out to be a bit of a bummer..
we decided to take the funicular towards the hill called Montjuic..
starts somewhere downtown's about 700m going up..
the funicular was O.K...stunning views..on reaching the hilltop..
brisk walk to Pueblo was closed..bummer...
so we went to a museum called Joan Miro..but as I told's art..
Miro was a good artist maybe..but I did not capture his art..surrealistic??
we walked around a bit on this Montjuic hill..and went back by bus into
Barcelona town..went straight by subway to Barcelona Sants..
train to Madrid second fact..I had been in Spain before..but never took
a train??we got our tickets..went back to the youth hostel..and had some
cheap food..tomorrow was gonna be a busy day..train to Madrid..
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