Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 130 morning..breakfast at the Youth Hostel.
and off we subway..towards the *ramblas*
Barcelona is huge..its streets are in a paralell pattern..
wide boulevards..hectic traffic sometimes..
the a 1,6kms long walking street=traffic free..
it starts at Pla?a Portal de Pau..that's the harbour regio..
there is a monument dedicated too Columbus..
it's possible to go into this 60 m.high monument..we did not go.. a delight to stroll goes all the way to a square
called Pla?a de Catalunya..the ramblas is specially interesting later
in the early evening..when the Catalans make their's always full
of animation,street buskers,little shops,flowers,caf?'s,restaurants..
we took some refreshment at Pla?a Reial..a side street of ramblas.
palm trees even there..very relaxing..bit further up the ramblas is a
Spanish marketplace called Mercat de Boqueria..
now..if you do Barcelona..don't miss this..really worthwhile..
it's smelling herbs,fruits,flowers..and listening to hectic Catalan talking..
we bought a bocadillo there=like a bread roll with a filling..
spanish ham(jamon)is tried it out..
we strolled about an hour in this market..bought some food for the day..
fruits etc..rather much cheaper then Belgium..i bet..nowadays..
it's become as well expensive..Barcelona is a big big city..
lots of tourists flock to its historical buildings,caf?s,restaurants etc..
I will give you all a link here about Barcelona..and continue my ramblas
adventures in another posting..Barcelona will take some posting space..

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