Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 148 day..was almost entireley spent on visiting the art works of Gaudi..
we started with the cathedral la Sagrada Familia..
we went by really capture the immense structure of this cathedral..
in's not finished..because Gaudi was run over by a tram in 1926
and died..his work unfinished..the architectural style was certainly ahead of his time..we climbed the spiralled stairs...and evey angle looked's worthwhile to buy a little guide book in English..
there's a place called nativity facade..which is really impressive..
we wandered around a few hours..and found everything very interesting
after 2 hours in this masterpiece..we took another subway to watch
another work of Gaudi=Parc's bit far by subway..we got down at Lesseps and made a brisk walk to the entrance of this futuristic parc..
it looks very strange to walk through this parc...there is a giant figure
carved out in form of a dragon/lizard type thing...and a famous bench
with tiles in a special style and colour..seemed like a nice picnic spot..
all very colourful..we went back by subway to Barcelona town..and saw casa Milo=in fact a building with not 1 straight wall..8 floors high...
and signed Gaudi...very strange building..we did go to a Picasso museum as's bit north of he Barri gotic..intersting museum..but usually..
I did not like art musea too much..they all look bit the same..
we intended to visit Montjuic..el pueblo Espanol etc..
but we lacked the time to do next day..
we made plannings to do had been a hectic day anyway...
and also book a train ticket from Barcelona Sants to Madrid Atocha..
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