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Second day..after a safe sleep in the parc..
I went to see this masterpiece of Gaudi=sagrada familia(church)
in fact..I did not like it...the structure looks very unreal..
but...the architectual value..I would say..Gaudi was a genius!!
it's a maze of spiral stairs..very funny views and angles indeed..
if you all ever do Barcelona...don't miss it..for the rest of the day..
i just was loitering around the Ramblas..always a feast for the eyes..
in the evening..I went back to my sleeping spot in Ciatudella parc...
but it was freezing sleeping bag was O.K..but still..
I decided to look out for something else for next night..
so next day..I looked around..and spotted a building in construction..
no trespassing signs...wooohh..I remembered these fucking police near Vichy(France)this building was O.K..I thought..well..I thought..
next evening at dark..I went in there...went deep down in the building..
and settled in a was warmer then the parc..around 1..
some German shipper dog traced me..funny sight,you know..
a guard shining in your face with a torchlight.and a huge dog..barking
at you...I was not scared at all..I spoke few words of Spanish..explained that was cold outside..he said O.K..but..he chased me out..
I can understand..he was doing his duty for his in the middle
of a cold Barcelona night..there I stood..back out..i was thinking about
going back to the parc..but I did was to far to walk..
i think if i remember well..I did not sleep at all that night..
I decided to move out next morning direction Sitges-Valencia..
this regio is known as the Costa Dorada..tourist resorts enough...
will tell you all later on what happened...crazy Tiger...
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