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Last day Bangkok..before we moved out by train to Chiang Mai..
we went to Jim Thompsons..this dude was an American..
he was an art collector..and got interested in Thai silk..
his house is a touristical spot my honest opinion..
Indian silk is much better then Thai silk..much better..
another funny story about Jim Thompson..he went on a trip
to Malaysia in 1967....and disappeared in mysterious ways..
he's never seen back alive..up till today..nobody knows??
what happened to this dude??remains a mystery...
we went through Bangkok's Chinatown afterwards..
it's O.K..but I did not like it too much..too hectic..
narrow streets..called *soi* in Thai language..
it's amazing to see these Chinese stalls etc...
feast for the eyes...and the palate..I loved their herbs..
Chinese are great in all kind of potions,herbal mixtures etc..
in one of the small restaurants...we met some Thai *katoi*
now..these folks are very can compare them
to *hijras* in fact they are travestites,transsexuals..
some of them..are very cannot see their true
identity..funny world..Thai katoi's are accepted in society..
the sex industry in Bangkok..or for that matter Pattaya or all over?
is more a way..for poor girls..coming to the big cities..
becoming prostitutes..and earning money to support their families..
it's find out about the horrible stories..
like exploitation,pimps,hiv(aids)'s all part of it..pity..
some of these chicks end up into drugs..and kill themselves..
big contrast with that are the *bhikku's*which are Buddisht monks..
going around in orange robes,a begging bowl etc....
we went back to the get ready for the train trip.
second class sleeper berth...overnight trip...comfortable..
one ahead..consult a decent travell agency..
will tell you peeps about Chiang Mai(Northern Thailand)
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