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So..we reached Don through the customs..
taxi to a hotel..which we booked at the airport..
beware for taxi's just like New Delhi..
taxi drivers try to take you somewhere else...
where they get a commission..they tell you..
that the hotel where you wanna go..
does not exist anymore etc..don't believe it..
we got a 2nd class hotel near Silom Road..
3 days Bangkok was enough..hectic traffic..
tuktuk taxis..noise..we visited the temples..
wat Arun..wat many temples..
the Grand palace..emerald Buddha..wat Pho..
Thai's are Buddhist mostly..the city lies on a river..
called Chao Phraya..full of khlongs=canals...
this first day..was filled with visit temples..
in the evening a walk through Patpong..the bar area..
watch out for touts..folks who just are after your money..
we took food in a Chinese restaurant..funny story..
we went into this small restaurant..full of local folks..
one can point out a fish in a tank..they'll fish it out..
and prepare it for you..rather was called..
under a local name plakapong..don't even know what it was??
but it tasted damn good..on the way back to Silom road..
we visited a Thai's a different world...
Thai's are very curious and helpfull..but their knowledge..
of the English language..was mostly non existent..
I'll try to find a good link on Bangkok city..

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