Banfora-Ferkess?dougou(Ivory Coast)

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So...after 4 days waterfall scenery...walked back to Banfora..
real hot day..I recall..we put up for 1 night in a local hotel..
something weird happened that the bar of the hotel..
some locals got drunk on local advice..never get
into a fight with drunk can become really nasty..
one of these dudes..made a remark to Alain..the French dude..
this fellow(Alain)was a bit of a hothead..he did not take that
remark...and it almost ended up in a fight..the hotel manager..
kept his cool...and things got solved..before worser happened...'s like nowadays..some people like to judge others...
but they hate it..when they are judged themselves...
well..anyway..modern left Banfora by taxi brousse..
towards Niangoloko-Yender?..the border town ..
between Upper Volta and Ivory coast..the customs..did examine
our luggage..and took awhile to cross into Ivory Coast..
just to give importance to their uniforms..I guess..power game...
Ivory Coast..another nice country..the French dudes were gonna
say goodbye in Ferkess?dougou(Ferk?)because they wanted to go
to visit some local tribe called Senoufo..I was gonna down
alone towards Bouak? plan was Ghana as well..
but did not realize that..pity..I wished I could have visited Ghana...
so we reached Ferk? in the north of Ivory Coast..
pity I could not go to Korhogo..Senoufo tribe..
well..very interesting tribe..
they have sacred places in the forests...for girls..for boys..
initiation rituals..some whitchcraft,local masked dances..
where the dancers..get into a wild trance...
it's called Poro,I believe??really mysterious..
pity..but...I was thinking about my money situation..
still a long way back up north to Tunisia..
crossing the never knows...what it will cost??
I will tell you about Ferk?..and the Ivory coast later on..
very lush vegetation in Ivory Coast..real nice nature..
specially down south of Bouake-N'douci..
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