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Train ride from Mahina to Kita-Bamako went O.K..
always a very colourful event taking a train in Africa..
first impression of Bamako..a hustle/bustle..lots of traffic..
Bamako is on the Niger river..lots of activity by boat..
I did not go up to Mopti-Djenn? or Timbuktu..pity..
Bambara is the main language in Mali...French is understood..
but not by everyone..currency was the CFA..
Mali is one of the poorest countries on earth..
it was already politically unstable in the 70's..
Bamako amazing..lovely big market here..
it's so African..I've never seen so many funny things..
it went from
magic potions..fetishes..dried bones..skins...
it's a feast for the eyes really..and then these colourful
dresses..people...all mixed must experience it..
I don't recall exactly where we put up in Bamako..
but we stayed 2 something in Mali..
I loved these kora/balafon sounds very much..
nowadays Salif Keita..who is an albino African by the way..
makes great music..his songs are famous worldwide..
me and the French dudes decided to travell south of Bamako..
towards Bougouni-Sikasso..not possible to hitch hike with 3..
so...public transport=taxi brousse..not that expensive really..
I'll tell you all what happened later..if you're interested..Tiger
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