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Bamako bus station was very hectic..lots of activity...
we had to be patient to get transport towards Sikasso..
it's almost 370kms..from a crowded
vehicle..most of the passengers were only going to Bougouni..
colourful people..these Malinese..they always seem to smile..
the landscape towards Sikasso was in my opininon more lush..
more green..more vegetation...Sikasso town was reached..
in the afternoon..we stayed there day..
we were gonna cross into Upper Volta..this country is now called..
Burkina town would be Bobo Dioulasso..
in fact..nothing special to report this day..exept the heat...
so...we were gonna say goodbye to's a place which
certainly needed further travell..time..did not allow it,you know..
I recall my Mali a typical Africa experience...
very nice friendly curious outgoing people..if you show an African..
you don't look down on them..they open up..
and take you as a brother...a lesson for life..
I often remembered this during my travells..'s a neck and neck race...greed,envy,jealousy...
well..well..I wished I could go back in time to my travell days..
see you all in Bobo(Upper Volta)sorry..Burkina
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