Back home via..the *German autobahnen*

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After Garmisch Partenkirchen my brother planned to drive home
in 1 go..lots of kilometers to Germany these days..
NO speed limits on these we drove 180km/hour..
and even then..on the left got these Porsches..
who wanted to brother was a dude who liked speedy
cars..he damn knew how to drive..up we went to M?nchen-N?rnberg-
and into Belgium..inbetween we made a tank and food stop..
on one of these *rastst?tte*in fact places along the highways..
where one could eat something,tank benzine..even take a shower..
if one was lucky enough to not have a *stau*=traffic jam..
one could cover very quick long my's O.K..
but it's monotonous..but..we were in a hurry and reached safe..
nowadays..German highways are much better..
no speedlimit..but...your own responsabilty after 130kms/hour..
still lots of accidents happen..not only on German roads..
I'll try to find some links on German autobahnen...
they always link Hitler to the origin of autobahn..I bet it was Adenauer?
but Hitler came to was propaganda..
click the autobahn today link as well..
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