Audience is listening...or rather, reading? lol

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Well, first off, thank you to those of you who have liked my last blog entry, and to those who follow my blog now!

Now what the fuck am I going to talk about here? LOL

Anyway, It's been almost a month since I've become active on here again, and I must say HF never disappoints! It's still the same old drama-filled place where new members are necro-posting 10 year old threads, or making new, often controversial ones only to disappear after a few days, while the old-timers either offer serious replies - I tend to do that - or be totally sarcastic - you know who these members are, lol - and thus scare many of the new members away. But whatever the case, it's always been more entertaining than other online communities.

It does feel different to an extent, though. Back in 2005/2006, this place had more of a community feel and people seemed more "free", if you will. By 2009, it seemed like things had become more subdued in certain areas. And then we experienced that big change from the old site format to the new one. A lot of old-timers stopped posting after that. I was talking to someone about this very subject the other day in the chat, and and we were both in agreement that we missed the old HF. But that's okay, nostalgia is a healthy thing as long as one does not let it rule one's own life.

It's interesting, too, that this time around I've been pleasantly interacting with those who I'd never thought I would due to, shall I say, our philosophical differences. Even the ones who I'd previously perceived as unpleasant a few years back don't necessarily strike me as horrible now. But I just might jinx it now that I've said it, damn! LOL I'm not going to lie, there have been unpleasant encounters but it seems my level of patience has grown greater with age. That's about the only good thing that's happened to me as I got older, haha.

Private conversations have always been great for the most part as well. I'm not one to be engaging in a whole bunch of PM's all the time, but the conversations have been pretty cool in various ways, from interesting, entertaining, fascinating, helpful, amusing, to enlightening. That hasn't changed this time around, though, the aspect of WHO I've been talking to definitely has. I guess time does that. There's a long-time member here who no longer seems to be active, that I was exchanging email with until a year or two ago. I kind of miss interacting with him. Maybe it's time I sent him another email.

Disclaimer: I don't condemn necro-posting. Hell, I think that's better than making a whole bunch of new threads that talk about the same bloody topic, like the penis size for example.

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