Attitude problem.

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A couple of decades ago, I was working in a motel that was taken over by a chain. As the chef I ran the kitchen. Once the new management was in I was unofficially demoted. The new managers who I will now refer to as D&M wanted to run the kitchen. I could see a disaster coming with the new menu, an executive decision, no vegetarian main course. When it came to a busy night there was a vegetarian customer in the restaurant. So the waitress ordered stir fry vegies. Not being prepared, this caused a spanner in the works for the kitchen.
The next day the D&M had words to say about the number of complaints. I pointed out that I saw the the problem of the vegetarian customer coming. Her response was that I was not organized. In other words she wanted me to cover up for her incompetency having just essentially demoted me. Furthermore, she said she as open to suggestions, in other words she was happy to take the credit for any good ideas I had. Does anyone else think she had a ridiculous attitude?
I did manage to claw back some of my autonomy and things started to run smoother. She said that if there was any waste, she wanted to know about it. One day I came to work and she had thrown out food, left, right and centre. She would have to have been the most wasteful, un-resourceful person I ever came across in the catering business. I was in the catering business for 24 years. Not wanting to make soup with booster I resigned and dropped out of the rat race. They did find a replacement chef to take my place, but he only stayed a few weeks. He did not want to be micro-managed either. This was the quandary for D&M. Hire someone who knows what they are doing and they wont want to be micro-managed; hire cooks who have limited expertise and run into who lot more problems.
It took the D&M 18 months to make a complete stuff up of everything. One day they were told they had one hour to leave. Replacement managers reversed all the previous executive decisions made by D&M.

D&M wanted to get on the real estate ladder. A couple of years after the were fired the Government was making first home owner grants of $7000. Where I live you could buy a $65,000 house that would rent for $140 a week. At that rate they could have rent it out and had it paid off in seven years. That is what happens when you fill your mind with dogma and not ask questions.
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