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From Kaziranga..we went by bus to my inlaws place...
we stayed there for 3 nights..visited the Bramaputra river side..
a busy bazaar..a tea planters estate..they live like princes..
my brother+sister in law got bored a bit..of Assam..
our new target was Guwahati-Calcutta-Varanasi..
ex Benares on the Ganges..speaks to the imagination,you know??
so we took off and went via Jorhat..back to Guwahati..
one of my Indian brother in laws drove us to Guwahati airport..
bad thing was..we got a car tire puncture before that..
we nearly made it in time..for that Fokker Friendship plane..
the usual stuff..on behalf on Indian airlines..
we do welcome you aboard our flight..
a few nice looking airhostesses..presenting safety measures..
my wife stayed in Assam with her family..
flight took off..few hours to Calcutta..
bit later..notice from the captain to all passengers...
would you please fasten seat belts again....uhuh??
all of us..wandering why..we knew soon enough...
suddenly this bloody plane..took a dip down...
my stomach..was in my felt...
like we were going down..plane shaking..
went on for 5 minutes..but damn..scary stuff...
it was an air sack...a turbulence...happens there..
damn...we landed in Dum Dum Calcutta..
the 3 of us..were happy to touch ground..I can tell you..
stayed in Calcutta for 1 day..then were gonna fly to Varanasi..
will tell you peeps later on what happened...
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