April Is A Fool Maligned

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And so we Spring into another month. One which commences with a day that has become synonymous with the playing of practical jokes, tricks and humour - although in some cases, it can have a darker aspect, one which sees a web of deceit, lies and humiliation.
For the youth/young at heart, it is a day of fun and laughter.
The Comic actions of those who dance with mirth and a happy skip to the step. It is one which raises the spirits of morale and/or team unity.
For others however; those of more staid persona, it can be an opportunity to see, either with falsehood and malicious intent, or make commercial profit at their expense of others less fortunate “ either educationally or vulnerability (maybe that's the cynic in me)?
The concept of innocent japes is a favourable one, although in this 24/7 modern world of competitiveness, sometimes the design and delivery of such; along with the complexities required for increasingly greater effect, followed by the subsequent consequences, can see it having the opposite outcome of embarrassment and hurt
The most outrageous the stunt the greater the risk of this occurring “ and when it does so, a joke - it is not.
From another viewpoint “ in life, a good deal of people make judgement upon others of which they know less than they think they do “ in short their personal perceptions. Such presumptions are flawed.
Those who do so show an arrogance and ignorance. For making judgement based on their own style/way of living is in the least foolhardy and at worst, show a flaw in persona that is more in line with restrictive observation and appreciation.
Being a fool is a term often used in a derogatory manner, and in making such a sweeping manner shows a lack of consideration; one feels, an absence of awareness and understanding.
In Olde days, Jesters within in a court, or performing village travellers were held in quite high esteem. Skilled in their art, such talents as dancing, juggling, story-telling, poetic verse and making jest was the entertainment of the day. Their importance perhaps reason why one day from the year is marked with acknowledgment (?)
As one knows, "The Fool on the hill, sees the Sun going down, and the eyes in his head, see the world spinning round" ("The Beatles")
Such aspects of self-enablement sees provision of an insight that goes against convention.
Viewing a world which from "outside the box", often a loner, within their own world, has a creative imagination of much greater vision than the norm, and although somewhat illogical, it has an acute perception of reasoning.
It is quite refreshing when those of such opine share “ indeed it can be quite enlightening too - a credo not of "why"? But, "why not"?
The waves of Positivity can be most inspiring - So be it a day of either harmless fun, or with respectful acknowledgement “ let the Fool of April not be mocked, but warmly embraced - methinks
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