And So it Goes

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And when the clock stops ticking, where will you be
ahh...where you always were/are/will Be.

Yah the oldwolf gets older;
longer in the tooth, that dull and loosen.
And so I look on what comes at me,
what can I ken for my security.....
and find that it is still in the now,
that all is decided as to what will Be.

For to plan on what will be
takes you away from what Is;
and this IS - - we have....
naught more.

A lesson we learn and then relearn,
again and again we are gently nudged to live in the Now.
Round and round we go
on this ride called life,
we dream and scheme
and you know how plans go....
damn something always changes.

So comes the time when too late it seems,
and not enough done.
O my what will we do...what Can we do;
sigh a deep sigh and resign the game ?
.....Or go on the living;
for t'was all we ever had.....,
not what was gathered for later times,
but the wisdom and lessons that stay.
And mayhap so well learned
that we do not have to repeat
next time around.

For round it comes - in spiral form
and we Grow....sometimes in spite of ourselves,
experience is that way you see...
we all learn,
even from what we might not personally.

So on we go ...why not merrily
t'is a choice we have.
Why not laugh;
and though sometimes with rue,
yet with humor too.

For we are here to grow and learn;
To Become yet more,
as into the Beyond we Grow.

Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream.

Yee Hah !!

Enjoy !

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