And it Went Away... Poof !

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I found my end-stub checks over which I was obsessing yesterday. I didn't know what they were called and the check printer opted not to put a picture of them on the website. So know the check is literally in the mail.
I think my latest pet peeve are the 800-toll free numbers that are computer driven only. The ads say that your problems will be answered 24/7 by calling this number. Ya think? If I can't speak to a human being as an option then I don't want to contact an 800#. About the only thing a computer can do to satisfy me is to give me my balance.
Now the biggest pressures going on are (a) maintaining enough "steam" to get me through the semester without making a plummeting spiral into the void, (b) holding to the promise I made myself to brown-bag lunch on work days and (c) raising day-old chicks with no casualties.
As sister-in-law Mary Lee would say, "Time will tell!"
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