Amritsar-New Delhi(India)

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So..a train trip in adventure..
it's a real vast and huge network..
one needs to reserve a seat..not easy sometimes.
lots of peeps are travelling around in India..
different classes as India..I met the rich..
the poor..the middle class...they were all Indians..
so..I got my seat booked in a 3 tier..they were O.K..
you first have to see the TTE=conductor..
not easy to find your right boogie..and confusing as well..
Indian railway platforms..are vey need..
to keep your the subject..your train..
TTE stands for travelling ticket examiner..funny..
that day..I got my boogie and seat..without help of the TTE..
these TTE's..can be influenced..sometimes..they can arrange a seat..
which is NOT even reserved..for a small bribe fee..
at was like the early 70's..
I guess way...ahah..
so..the bloody train moved to Old Delhi..via Punjab scenery..
like Jullundhur..Ludhiana..Patiala.Ambala..New Delhi..
rolling country side one of these Punjabi towns..
Hero bicycles are produced..ask any Indian??
so..i reached Delhi again..see for a link on page 25 of my journal.. very confusing..hectic..overpopulated...
it's a bustling overwhelmed me in a sense..
but not like Calcutta ever did..I got a connection with that place..
its poverty..but most of all..the Bengali's..they hit my brain..
I stayed this time in a small not to clean hotel in Paharganj district..
i recall an American hippie couple...who had taken drugs..
and got bit of a bummer...if you smoke shit in India..
do it in the countryside..not in a city of 10 million people..
I recall..I was once stoned in Khajuraho..little village..
known for its erotic temple art..I recal sitting on a water tank..
and suddenly..this huge elephant came around the corner..
can you imagine yourself stoned..smoking peacefully..
suddenly this giant...elephant..with tattooed forehead.. rangoli...boem..boem..step...step..
oh my God..what a was funny..
I did not get trampled...bwaaahahhh??
Delhi,well peeps..I will tell you later on..
i'm even stoned if I type this now..
old hippie dudes???never change..can't think clearly..
listening to 40 licks from the Rolling Stones..
any other hippies out here???or just posting blabla freaks??
sorry..I'm stoned..keep on track with this crazy Tiger..
that is..if you're into adventures..isn't life an adventure??
Crazy Tiger...

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