All-nighter And Busy Day, Though Rewarding In The End

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I pulled an all-nighter two nights ago to prepare for an early start on a new friend's project that I was invited to take part in. So, yesterday morning, he and I got some people together and started working on this thing. I won't get into the details of it because, you know, I'm the mysterious one around here, lol.

The morning session went very very well. Everyone was feeling good about the progress we were making. Then, the afternoon session saw some major difficultly. The weather turned horrible, we had some situation with some people who were supposed to participate in the project, and the whole work had to be put on hold for a number of hours.

So, the afternoon session basically became an evening session when we finally organized a group of reliable people to participate in the project. I actually called my girlfriend to help us out by taking part in this, too. For this session, I was able to offer a number of suggestions, some of which proved to be rather popular, and we got to incorporate a few select ideas into the project. Positive vibes all around. The session went really well in the end, despite the earlier difficulties in the afternoon.

My friend believes some people weren't meant to participate in the project, hence the frustrating issues experienced earlier in the day. Once we got the right kind of people into it, it was all smooth sailing again. We won't be seeing the finished product in another week or so because finishing touches need to be added, and stuff of that nature, but we are definitely looking forward to seeing the results. I know I am.
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