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So..I left these French..and started hitch hiking towards Turkey..
not a ride to Xanthi..stood there for a while..
then reached Alexandrupolis..nothing very fantastic qua scenery..
the border of Greece-Turkey is at Ipsala..I had to reach a place
called Fere which is the last village in Greece..had to take a bus..
the Turks/Greeks never liked each other..old story,I believe??
from Fere still some distance to the border..I believe I walked it??
the Turkish border is a bridge..over the Evros river..if i recall well??
it took absolutely not much cross into Turkey..I was on this
checkpoint before...the usual passport stamps had to be given etc..
that stamp of getting in..was important..if you did not have that..
trouble while into Turkey??and the baksheesh game(bribe)with police?
from Ipsala I took a dolmus towards the town of
the dolmus system in Turkey is a shared taxi ride..
they pump sometimes too many people into one of these taxi-vans..
whether it was safe??or allowed??don't think so..reached Kesan..
there a bus...straight to Istanbul town...good buses in Turkey..
one bought a a koltuk(seatnumber)even some sweets
were distributed along the the back of the bus water available
nice music as well..typical Turkish..oh..that Saz music..nice instrument
reached Istanbul of my favorite the summer..
lots of people..very hectic scenery around Sirkeci..Galata bridge etc..
I usually stayed in Eminonu hotels enough..
Turkish currency was Lira..divide into kurus..
I'll tell you peeps later on..about my 3 days stay in Istanbul..
I'll try to find a good link for this place..
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