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so..Udaipur...train towards Ahmedabad=Gujarat state..
my planning was to go down by train from Ahmedabad..
to a town called Bhavnagar...about 50kms.from that place..
was a pilgrimage place for the Jains..called Palitana..
I reached Ahmedabad after a night train journey...no problems..
Ahmedabad..i did not really explore it too much..
it's on the Sabarmati river..and mainly a Muslim town..
very funny thing to visit here was *shaking minaret*
it's very near the central railway station..it's a masjid...
called Sidi Bahir...this mosque got 2 minarets..which are..
a real tourist attraction..if you go on one of them...
and look at the other one..it appears..like it shakes??
I couldn't believe this..but it really is very funny..
if you ever go to this city...go and shake these minarets..
I did not stay long in Ahmedabad town..Ghandi lived here..
in a nearby place called Sabarmati ashram..I did not visit..
I took some food in Ahmedabad town..vegetarian..
a local curd dish is called *srikhand*very tasty indeed..
it's with saffron,fruits and nuts...healthy as well..
I saw some really very nice tribal women..
with lots of very heavy ornaments like bangles..
huge nose rings..earrings..and foot and ankle ornaments..
I was gonna get down to Bhavanagar by train...
a trip from 6 hours..then by bus to Palitana..
this is a holy pilgrimage place for Jains..
more then 800 temples..situated on a hilltop..
I was rather curious about this place...
I heard about it in Mount Abu..
some Jain dude told me not to miss this place..
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