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so..we flew to U.P.=Uttar Pradesh state..
I had been there maybe 3 times before..but still.. that different feeling each time one visits..
in these days..the Taj Mahal...was not subject to pollution..
nowadays it is..due to some factories on the Yamuna river??
the smoke..should affect the marble of the Taj??
Agra is always a hassle for touts,silly rickshaw drivers..
who wanna take you from point A to B..for a tourist price..
I say..tourist always gets cheated..
it's part of travelling through India..take it..or leave it...
my brother+wife took a posh hotel..honeymoon,you know..
I stayed at a much cheaper place..I was always pleased..
with a clean bed...a shower..a simple meal..we went to see..
the Taj's an amazing really's astonishing..
my brother told me next day..they were so impressed..
they went see the Taj in moonlight..I never did..
maybe I missed day..we still stayed in Agra..
visited the red Fort..very impressive..a huge qila(fort)
we decided to take a deluxe bus from Agra Idgah to Jaipur..
it was about 240kms from Agra to Jaipur..about 5 or 6 hours..
night bus=would save us..a night of a hotel..we were gonna stay
3 days in Jaipur..then by train to Delhi...and fly back to Belgium..
my wife was gonna come back home 1 month later on...
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