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Crossing the desert in Niger..was no bullshit..
got myself a truck transport towards the border...
long and adventurous haul..can you imagine yourself??
sitting with a bunch of locals on top of a truck..
in extreme heat and dust conditions??
we made a stopover to spend the night in the open..
it gets cold at night..and even little desert mice appeared..
that day..we came upon an *harmattan*that's a fierce wind..
one cannot see's all dust and sand..not pleasant..
harmattans usually blow in january+februari...
above Agadez there a place called Arlit..
they discovered uranium there..exploitation of it..
made this desert town..a boomtown..
I did not cross Arlit..our truck drove another route..
Assamaka-towards in the middle of nowhere..
nomansland..with no these cross..
I heard stories nowadays...of folks getting killed..
for their cars??money??or for just being tourists??
it's NOT safe to cross there nowadays...
funny world we have to live in today..
anyway..Tamanrasset..was a bit of civilisation..
after that desert stretch...but was Algeria..
I recall the place I stayed..everybody stayed there..
all travellers came together to exchange ideas..
I recall Tam as a hot place..Sahara adventurers..
told their story there...I talked to an Italian..
he came from a trip towards Togo..and was driving to Tunis..
I made a deal with this share benzine expenses..
if he took me up to Tunis all the way..he was a police officer
from a Citroen car..which turned out later..
to give lots of trouble..I'll tell you in next posting..
P.S..Algeria got nice dates..I mean the fruits..
it was even in these days.. a funny Muslim mentality..
but finally after all..Algeria...was not so bad..
the desert mountains around Tam=the Hoggar..
really worthwhile..fantastic scenery..
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