Afternoon Kink With A Stranger

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I have 40DD boobs, and it has been a while since a trim or a shave for my pussy. I do like to shave it, but I always leave a trimmed patch. I am brunette, 5'5" and about 180lbs so a little on the heavy side but I can still be so sexy. I would like to fantasize that I am housesitting in your neighborhood while the owner is vacationing and I saw you outside naked, I was peering from behind the curtains and saw your hot cock and shaved balls. It made me hot and I couldn't help but to watch. Then I started to rub my nipples through my shirt. I unbutton my shirt and pull my bra cups aside so I can reach them better, I pull my titties up to my mouth and lick them a little then suck and nibble them. My nipples are nice and wet from the sucking and licking so now I am pinching them and rolling while I watch you sitting naked on your patio. I cant believe it, and wonder how long you will stay out there. It makes me super hot and envious, I really want to have sex outside but I don't know if it is safe, hmmmm I am thinking.... maybe I could masturbate outside that might be OK. So I quietly sneak out on the patio, don't want to tip you off. And I am sitting in a chair that is kind of blocked by a bush, but I can still watch you. Hoping you don't see me though. I am wearing a skirt, so I take my panties off and am massaging my hairy pussy while I squeeze my nips with the other hand. Mmmmm I moan lightly, feels so good and to be free outside is even better. I am watching you, and OMG you reach for that hot hard cock to start rubbing it. I moan again, slightly louder on accident mmmmmmmmmm. I hope you didn't hear me, but I can't help myself. I am now flicking my click a little and sucking my titties. I am watching you jerk your cock gently, it looks soooo relaxing. Then I lick my finger good and get it nice and wet before pushing it into my **** a little ways. I love to play with my g-spot, it makes me squirt nicely. So then I am rubbing and massaging my g-spot, and it is getting me super hot. I have to rub it faster, and I am starting to pant and have short moans more often uhhh mmmm uhhh mmmm ohhhhh yeahhhh, I try to be quiet. I peer over the bush again to see what you are doing and OMG you aren't there. I figure that I should just hurry and finish so I don't get caught by someone, and I can't stop yet because I am so horny. I keep rubbing my g-spot real fast, and I feel a squirt coming on. Mmmmm, I have a mini orgasm and gush a small squirt, ohhhhh I say. Suddenly you are right there on the other side of the bush peering over at me!!! Aghh I shreik! You tell me to just relax, and that you can help me. I say "no I can't, i don't normally do this" trying to cover up real fast. You tell me how you saw me watching, and that you knew I was enjoying it because you heard my soft moans. I said "what, you heard me?" then you tell me to just relax and that it would be OK. You come around the bush and I am so shocked and nervous that I don't know what to do. You open my shirt back up and start kissing my titties, licking them, sucking them and kissing them and I moan a bit. You say, "see I told you to just relax. Everything will be OK and you will be having the best orgasm ever". So I do start to relax a little more, enough that i decide to reach out for your cock. I was so attracted to it anyway, I reach for it and rub it but I am so excited by your shaved balls, so then I reach for them and massage them. You ask me if I want to get closer to them, I say YES so excitedly. So you bring your cock and balls up by my face where I begin to kiss your hard cock up and down the shaft, licking the tip and head around and around teasing your frenulum. Then I begin to suck your cock and slide my mouth down your shaft, mmmmm it tastes even better than it looked across the way. I am going deep, getting your whole cock in. I start to rub your balls with my hand, after massaging them for a while I begin to rub your perineum all while sucking your cock. Then eventually I take my mouth off of your cock and start to kiss those balls of yours, I LOVE the feel of them on my lips. Kissing and licking your balls, I open my mouth to take them in. Mmmmm I have never had such lovely balls in my mouth before, licking them while they are in my mouth and gently sucking on them. Still rubbing your perineum too. Eventually I work my way from the balls to your perineum and begin to lick it and kiss it. I am loving this intimacy with a stranger that just walked up. I am reaching around to feel your cock with my hand and rub it while I kiss and lick your perineum. Then i start to lick my way downward, toward your anus. Your ass and balls are soooo sexy, shaven and just inviting to be licked. So I start to flick my tongue on your asshole, getting it nice and wet. After I do that I rub your anus a little with my finger to make sure it is loosened up, then I insert my finger just a little way to try and massage your prostate. Feeling your tight asshole on my finger, mmmm so snug around my finger.... I am massaging and trying to get you to precum by rubbing your prostate. You are moaning and I am kissing your perineum while doing this. Then after a little while I take my finger out and move my tongue back to your ass. I begin to push hard to see if I can get my tongue to go in. Baby I am enjoying this so much even though it was a surprise from a stranger. I am tongue fucking your asshole and reaching around to rub your hard cock. and balls. This is making me sooooo hot. I am tongue fucking your asshole and loving your moans. The more you grunt and moan, the more I want to do to you. I am getting super hot myself and your cock is dripping with precum, so I have got to feel that cock some more. I move back around to the front side and we kiss. I think you are enjoying the kiss after my tongue was in your ass, you are kissing really passionately and I am loving it. I reach down to feel your cock and feel the precum on the tip, I lay back and tell you to rub my clit with it. You are jacking your cock and rubbing it right on my clit, mmmmm feels so nice. While you are doing that I start to rub both of my nipples, squeezzing and pinching them. Then I pull one to my mouth and lick it. I am moaning even more now and you realize that I have started sucking my own titty. You can't resist and come up to suck the other other. Guess what happens then? A taste of milk from my titties! (I haven't breastfed in over 10 years, but to my surprise this week I can still taste it!). I love the taste and you get a taste too, you are surprised and excited. We kiss again while you are still holding on to both of my tits. I tell you how fucking horny I am, my pussy is throbbing.... and you go down to do something about it. You begin kissing my clit and the inside of my lips. Feels so nice, I love it when a man takes the time to really make love to my pussy. You lick my clit and begin to finger my **** slightly, just enough to hit my g-spot. I am going wild! Then you stop fingering and lick your way down to my ****, tongue fucking me while letting your finger slide back toward my ass. You are gently rubbing my perineum and inching toward my asshole. Then you are rubbing my anus, mmmmmm all the while tongue fucking my ****. I am sooooooooo fucking wet!!!! I am super hot and just cant stand it, I roll over and get on my hands and knees, sticking my ass way up with my cheeks and lips open as wide as I can make them. You do a couple nice long licks all the way from my clit to my anus before diving in with your tongue. Ohhhh yyesssss, tickling my asshole with your tongue, then you are rubbing my clit more while you begin to push your tongue into my ass. I scream tongue fuck me babe! My ass is so nice and wet. Your cock is still oozing with precum, you begin to rub it on my anus for a little extra lube. You ask if you can put your cock in, and I am not sure... never had a cock in my asshole. You beg me to put it in, I run inside and grab some lube from the bathroom. I get back on my hands and knees and you squirt lots of lube onto my anus and rub it with your finger, gently fingering my asshole to get the lube spread around. Then you gently begin pushing the head into my ass, at the same time you go back to squeezing and rubbing my nipples to relax me. You reach down and rub my clit a little too, the head is in and slowly thrusting to get a little deeper. You are kissing the back of my neck tellng me to relax and take a deep breath and blow it all out. I do that and then you push it in deeper, it is in about half way and you are thrusting in and out inching a little more each time. Ohhhh I am so turned on and horny, I want it all but am still scared. You begin to tell me how sexy and nasty I am, and how I am meeting your needs. Then I relax and you thrust it in all the way. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck me!!!!!! Fucking my ass, YES, I am starting to really like it and i am so turned on by it. FUCK ME FASTER!!!!!!!!! You are still going slow to make sure I am used to it and you are teasing me. Nice, deep, slow thrusts in and out, in and out, in and out. I am so hot, that I have to reach down and rub my pussy. Rubbing my pussy and then fingering my ****, mmmmm can feel your cock rubbing through my vaginal wall. I am so fucking hot right now. Fuck me harder babe!!!! You start to speed up, fucking harder and faster and I keep rubbing my clit and fingering my **** intermittently. Fuck meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! You are getting close to cumming, and you ask how I want it. I tell you that I want my ass licked again, you keep fucking my asshole and then explode in it. Mmmmmm I love the squishy feeling of so much cum in my asshole. I am still rubbing my pussy, and after you finish cumming you pull your cock out to go lick my asshole. OMG it feels fantastic, you are licking the cum up and trying to suck on my anus. I am rubbing my clit and g-spot. Getting soooooo close. OMG I am starting to feel it, like I am going to pee. I push harder on my g-spot, rubbing it and fingering my hole. Uhhhh, ohhhh, uhhhhh come on I need 3 more people sucking and licking me!!!! I am almost there..... screaming and moaning it feels sooooooo good babe. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel it going to squirt any second now, I switch back to my clit to cum hard. Mmmmmmm instantly almost, I cum after rubbing my clit. I explode squirting, and you move your mouth from my anus to my pussy to try and capture my warm squirts. My orgasm is sooooo hard, I squirt with each convulsing spasm but it is a lot more than when I usually do from masturbating. Your face gets soaked, and you swallow some of it and keep some in your mouth to share with me. I turn over and we kiss, a nice deep warm wet kiss mmmmmm I swallow some of my squirt too. I ask you if you need to pee after all that activity. You say, actually yes I do... I just drank a quart of water to stay hydrated before heading outside in the sun. OMG, that is going to cause a massive piss I am thinking. I tell you that I would love a nice warm shower after all that to relax. You suggest we go inside then, and I say no you can shower me right here, we don't need a bathroom. You stand over me, and I am laying on the patio with my legs parted but not wide open. You begin to drip a few drips on my abdomen, and I moan in pleasure reaching to rub it around on my stomach. Then you begin to piss a little harder spraying my tits, I help to guide my nipples into the stream. Love feeling the tickle of your piss against my nipples. I try to lick them while you are still pissing and you spray my face, I just close my eyes and let it hit me. Licking my lips as drips of pee run down my face, I open my mouth and you piss in it. Then you stop peeing. We have a nice, wet, warm, nasty kiss. Sharing the taste of your piss and swallowing a little. That was so nice I tell you. What a relaxing way to end such a hard sex workout. It is almost like the hot tub after the gym! You tell me that you can go more, really I ask? I am excited for more, so I open my legs and say that my pussy could use a shower too. You piss a little more on my clit and then up and down my slit. Mmmmm, I feel my pussy and it is still a little swollen from being so turned on. Mmmm feels wonderful babe. So what is your name, we need to meet up again.
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