Abidjan-N'douci-Bouak?(Ivory Coast)

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So..goodbye Abidjan..did not like that city too much..
bit too French Paris style??and that sticky heat...woohh..
so..went back up north...to N'Douci..we had a stop there..
taxi brousse picks up folks..I saw a pile of pineapples in N'Douci..
could not resist..the extra vitamins..ahah..reached Bouak? again..
the lady from the grill stand..remembered my face..
don't recall where I stayed..next day..was aiming for Katiola..
and maybe Bobo again..I liked Bobo..so..was hoping to get there...
the French missionary...was always there..I told that priest..
I might come back to Bobo Dioulasso one day...ahah..
after that place..It was gonna be Ouaga=Ouagadougou..
and after that Niamey(Niger)..I'll keep you all reading..is it??
crazy Tiger
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